Save Money, Time, and Peace of Mind Building Permits by

New construction requires a printed plan and specifications for the structures shown on the plan. Obtaining a building permit starts with attaining a governmental agency’s approval for area zoning, property line setbacks, materials, and colors. Most cities require either the Home Owners Association’s HOA) or neighbors’ within a 300 foot radius of the site to view and approve the plans. This process can take a month or longer.

After the planning department requirements are met, the plans and specifications are submitted to the building department for verification that the proposed structure meets all of the Uniform Building Code requirements. New construction requirements may include a soils report prepared by a Soils Engineer and structural specifications prepared by a Structural Engineer. This process can take a few months. is not a contractor and does not design plans. Our service is representing the owner as their agent to the governmental agency to facilitate the process of obtaining any required permits efficiently. We procure a complete Plot Plan showing the existing plot of land with existing structures, proposed structures, and the pertinent information required by the planning and building departments. We obtain and coordinate building plans based on the owner’s ideas and sketches. also procures required professional engineers for their expertise, satisfies HOA or neighbor’s approval requirements, and can help the owner validate competing contractor’s bids, proposals, and contracts. Contractors have difficulty scheduling jobs due to the time and effort it takes to obtain permits. This gives the owner the advantage of locating and negotiating with contractors when the project has a permit ready to issue. represents the owner until the building permit is ready for issuing. The owner then makes the decision to hire the appropriate contractors or they can do the construction themselves. has obtain building permits for unpermitted work completed in the past.