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Jim Stevens
Construction Consulting
Customer/Contractor Disputes – Expert Witness – Construction Forensics
(949) 364-0876

Jim Stevens meets your construction defect forensic needs efficiently and effectively. His 60 years of construction experience coupled with 40 years of forensic experience have prepared him as a professional, construction forensic expert witness with strong communication and negotiating skills.

Mr. Stevens entered the construction business in 1953. He earned his California General Contractors License in 1964 and his General Engineering Contractors License in 1968. His first forensic investigation was for the law firm of Rutan and Tucker in 1975. His expert witness experience includes 52 court cases for the defendant, 64 court cases for the plaintiff, and over 100 customer/contractor dispute settlements negotiated by Jim.

He personally performs all aspects of the investigation, including repair cost estimating and testifying for his cases. He functions as case coordinator, utilizing other expert witnesses and continually networks with other professionals in all phases of construction.

His expert witness experience includes:
• Faulty work analysis.
• Water intrusion investigation.
• Damaged structure examination.
• Construction defect repair cost estimates.

Mr. Stevens addressed the Orange County Bar Association in March of 1993 where he defined the function of a forensic expert witness. He demonstrated the proven methods he uses to obtain and present the solid evidence necessary for his clients to prove their case. He has since been the featured speaker at many builder conferences, construction seminars, and homeowner meetings, defining the role and responsibility of the construction forensic expert.

Jim Stevens’ client list includes:
James Sinegal, former CEO Costco, personal residence. Pat Merryman, former CEO, H & R Block, personal residence. Carleton Barton, former CEO, Coldwell Banker, personal residence, Denver International Airport, US Navy,
and several Homeowners Associations

Professional Expertise: Solving Customer/Contractor Disputes, Obtaining Building Permits for Unpermitted Construction, Remodeling and Structural Repair.

Focus: Solving Customer/Contractor Disputes, Construction Forensics.

Special Expertise: Solving Customer/Contractor Disputes, Obtaining Building Permits for Unpermitted Construction, Site Investigation Report, cost of repair estimates; assignment of liability; destructive testing; evidence preparation; mediation, arbitration, and courtroom testimony.

Licenses (Retired): General Building Contractor and General Engineering Contractor 227624.

Education: Architecture: Ohio University; Geology: Saddleback College; Construction Techniques: Carpenters Union and US Army.

Professional History: 1964 to Present
The Jim Stevens Co. started in 1964. Jim operated the business, doing earth grading, building homes, multi-unit complexes, repairing structures, waterproofing structures, and remodeling building interiors. The work included earth grading, concrete placement, wood and steel framing, interior alteration, and building completion.

Construction Forensic History: 1975 to Present
Jim Stevens has 40 years of expertise solving Customer/Contractor disputes, Obtaining building permits for unpermitted construction and litigated case management, directing other experts to perform destructive testing, mold testing, and window testing. He is a construction defect forensic consultant for the defendant or plaintiff. He determines liability for the defects and prepares the cost of repair estimate. He testified in more then 15 court trials and was deposed over 60 times. He is especially adept at negotiating and motivating opposing sides to agree to a common solution. He has participated in numerous legal mediations and arbitration hearings.